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Gain A Strong Foundation for Your Data with Data Platform Engineering Services

Anlytech provides you with structurally sound and robust data architecture that supports growth and grows with your business. With our high agility data architecture, you get the flexibility you need for data-backed success and innovation.

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Architecture Services

From on-premise to cloud-based data platforms

Smoothly transition to the cloud with new cloud-based data architecture that supports scalable AI tools.

From batch to real-time data processing

Transition to real-time data processing architecture that keeps up with your operations all day, every day.

From pre-integrated commercial solutions to modular, best-of-breed platforms

Build the product you need on time with an experienced team that uses a clear and effective design process.

From point-to-point to decoupled data access

Accelerate access to data for better usability and seamless operations with decoupled data access architecture

From an enterprise warehouse to domain-based architecture

Customize data architecture to suit your niche with domain-based architecture that is designed for your business.

From rigid data models toward flexible, extensible data schemas

Benefit from flexible and extensible data architecture for custom applications without lengthy development cycles.

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